Case Studies

Comfortable with our Advice

A client came to us because they were not satisfied with their investment advisor. They felt that the advisor did not really understand who they are and what is important to them. Through our discovery process we determined that the client was concerned with making sure that they had the financial freedom to do what they wanted and to be able to leave something for their children when they are gone.

During the course of working with the client, the husband was offered an opportunity to take early retirement from his employer. They had just purchased a second home in Florida and were excited about the prospect of spending more time there (especially in the winter!).

We worked with them to determine that they had sufficient assets to accept the early retirement option. In fact, the clients were so comfortable with our advice that the wife also decided to retire. They have now officially become “snowbirds” and are planning on spending at least six months in Florida each winter.

Your Personal CFO

We were referred to a couple with significant wealth and no children. During our discovery process we determined that they had not done any estate planning because they were stymied over what to do with their money when they are gone and, more importantly, how their five cats would be taken care of when they are no longer here. In addition, one of the spouses was a practicing physician and they had not given any consideration to any wealth protection strategies.

By working with our team of experts, we brought in an estate planning attorney who helped us to design a plan that protects their assets from any potential litigation, and we actually set up a trust for the care and maintenance of the cats. The clients were so thrilled with the advice that we gave them, that we were named successor trustee of the five felines!

Dedicated to Your Interests

We were introduced to an individual who was scheduled to receive a large sum of money as compensation for injuries received in an accident. This client had been through a very difficult few years as a result of her injuries and needed to work with someone that she could trust and who could take care of all of her financial matters.

We worked with this client for over a year prior to her receiving her settlement helping her to understand the issues that she would face in managing a large sum of money. We designed a plan that used a variety of tools to give her flexibility and a steady stream of income.

We meet with the client on a regular basis and spend most of our time discussing the people and things in her life that are important to her. She is thrilled to be able to delegate the management of her financial matters to us and has told us that she knows we are dedicated to her best interests.