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February Market Outlook: 5 Things to Monitor

February 07, 2023

January was a strong month for the markets, with inflation on a controlled and linear decline. Will this positivity continue through February? Here’s a look inside our latest update.

Have you read our Monthly Market Update- February 2023? You will want to check it out for some valuable insight on declining inflation, a recent Fed rate hike, tight labor market, geopolitical risks and more. Here’s a sneak peek.

What’s inside our latest market update?

  1. Inflation seems to be on a steady downward trajectory. Consumer sentiment has improved, and surveys are showing inflation on a controlled and linear decline.
  2. The January jobs report indicates that over 500,000 jobs were added, jobless claims were down and the unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to the lowest rate since 1969.
  3. The Fed raised the policy overnight interest rate a quarter point as expected last week, marking a significant slowdown from the 75 basis point rate hikes last year.
  4. Municipal bonds are another sector where we continue to have a positive outlook. Municipals posted their best start to a year in over a decade last month.
  5. China’s economic reopening and abrupt reversal in COVID policy drove a huge change in expected GDP growth this year. Risks remain there as tensions with the US are as high as ever.

All in all, the economy seems to be in good shape for now, but continued caution is recommended for investors. Stay tuned for our next update. Read more in our February update.

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