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Monthly Market Update- September

September 04, 2020

August was a solid month for all sectors...but what will September bring? How will the pending COVID-19 vaccine and upcoming election impact markets?

As the world continues to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the markets are persevering. August was a solid month for all sectors, with stocks up 60% since March. What’s in store for September and what impact can we expect from vaccines, the upcoming election and more? Here’s a sneak peek into our September Market Update.

August highlights

  • The S&P 500 recorded its best August since 1986
  • The Dow Jones Industrials recorded its best since 1984
  • All sectors – with the still-marked exception of fossil fuel-based energy – did just fine. Even the laggard banks, both large and small, tacked on a 5+% gain.
  • Economic data has shown considerable improvement over the past four weeks.

What’s in store for September?

  • The race for the supposed cure-all COVID vaccines and treatments remains apace, with all sorts of pronouncements and even promises about near-term availability.
  • We continue to cheer stocks on ‘from underneath’ with a slightly below weighting to stocks versus long-term client targets. With all forms and fashions of stocks (and certainly yours) up nearly 60% since the March 23 low, we have still been participating very strongly.
  • 2020 election could bear some similarities to the 2000 election.

Check out our September Market Update for the full update.

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