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Social Media Tips for Home Security

October 24, 2019

Home security and social media are a dangerous mix in this day and age. Learn tips for optimum safety when you’re out of town.

Going out of town soon? Make sure you keep the details off social media. The unfortunate reality is that many burglars are on the lookout for social media posts indicating a house will be vacant. Here’s how you can enjoy your getaway while ensuring your belongings are safe.

Tips for optimum safety

  1. Don’t announce your plans online- It’s never wise to post your vacation plans online, even months in advance. If your accounts are public, this is especially important.
  2. Download a neighborhood app- Nextdoor is an app that allows you to keep a lookout for suspicious activity when you’re away. It acts as a private social media network for your neighborhood community, where your neighbors can alert the community if they notice anything suspicious happening around your home. The app requires all neighbors to verify their address in the neighborhood and you can adjust your privacy settings according to what information you are comfortable sharing with your neighbors.
  3. Disable location settings- If your location settings are enabled, you could be sharing your location without even realizing it. Once a criminal sees that you’ve checked into a place that is not your home, they will see this as an invitation to potentially rob you.
  4. Enable multi-factor authentication- Even if you’re just privately messaging family and friends about your vacation, make sure your account is secure. Enabling two factor authentication will ensure that no one on another phone or computer can access your account if they know your password.
  5. Make sure your family is on the same page- Social media is especially popular with teenagers—make sure your kids are on board, and not sharing details of your trip on their accounts.

What’s at risk?

If you unfortunately suffer a burglary while you’re away, it might not be as easy as you think to win an insurance claim. Nowadays insurers are checking social media accounts following a break in, and posts could invalidate your home insurance. If your house is burgled while on vacation and you’ve posted about it on social media, insurers are more likely to reject your claim.

Social media can let the world know when you’re out of town if you’re not careful. Keep your belongings safe while enjoying your time away! Reach out to a member of KLR Wealth Management, LLC for more tips on keeping your assets safe.

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