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KLR is committed to helping you find the investments that align best with your financial and personal goals.

An exciting investment strategy known as sustainable investing integrates environmental, social and governance factors into investment processes and decision making. Our ESG advisors create portfolios of funds that have the strongest demonstrated performance in these areas with the goal of generating long-term, sustainable returns for investors.

ESG includes:

  • Environmental - Companies that perform as stewards of the natural environment. Factors include climate change, energy efficiency, waste management, carbon emissions, air and water pollution, biodiversity and more.
  • Social - Companies that manage relationships considerately with their employees, suppliers, customers and communities. We take a look at social issues including supply chain management, human rights, health and safety, gender diversity, data protection/privacy and more.
  • Governance - How a company deals with leadership, audits and internal controls, executive pay and shareholder rights. Governance issues include lobbying, board composition, business ethics, executive compensation and more.

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